Sovereign Wood Shutters

Our hardwood shutters are made from A grade American Basswood (Tilia americana), which is a native American hardwood off the east of North America.  We use Premium A grade American Basswood for its stability, uniform colouring, resistance to warping and its stability when dry.

Hardwood shutters can be made from any timber, however the lighter the better as the large amount of timber can make the shutters heavy which causes strain to the joints and hinges.

A lightweight timber with very straight, fine uniform texture and grain, basswood machines, screws and glues well and can be sanded and painted or stained to a smooth finish.

Basswood is a renewable resource and careful hardwood forest management ensures tree harvesting is done responsibly, balancing wood growth with timber removal.


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The Sovereign Wood range is available in two basic finishes, painted and natural stain with a range of 10 colours and 12 stains. Custom paint options are also available.

Our paint finish is a high quality polyurethane, which offers a tough and durable coating that is highly resistant to the elements and provides a beautiful consistent finish. Polyurethane paint provide superior durability and lower maintenance compared to most other paints used in shutter construction.

  • Lightweight yet very strong
  • 50mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm louvres
  • Large range of frame and stile options – beaded and flat
  • Uniform grain for a beautiful stain finish
  • Low in resin and tannin which may bleed through finish
  • High quality Polyurethane paint finish for a durable finish
  • 10 paint colours, 12 stains, Custom paint available